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Keeping Cool with Fuishena and The Beauty Fridge!

In order to achieve a shelf life of approximately two years skincare products need strong preservatives. Why does that matter?

Firstly, it is widely known that preservatives are by far the most likely ingredients to cause irritation.

Fuishena has decided to keep preservatives to an absolute minimum. This is essentially the reason their products are freshly manufactured and have a shelf life of six months. You get them fresh and you use them fresh.

Fuishena don't use parabens - a commonly used strong preservative, because there is an abundance of evidence that parabens can disrupt your hormone system.

Their products are also alcohol-free, eliminating the potential to dry out your skin which alcohol tends to do by pulling moisture from the cells. 

alcohol-free paraben-free

Fuishena also use the preservative Vitamin E for example, both natural and good for you as it works to not only softening and soothe the skin, as well as acting as an antioxidant.

Secondly, from the moment the formulation is prepared, strongly preserved or not, the active ingredients slowly start to lose their effectiveness. This is because active ingredients which are mostly antioxidants, do their job.

They are active and react with oxidants. The actives react with the air, the sunlight and other substances - therefore are slowly broken down into an inactive state from the time that the product is opened.

Once a product is used daily, this process of the actives breaking down accelerates.

To keep products as fresh and active as possible, Fuishena include a storing pouch with every glass container. This provides protection from sunlight, overheating and potential breakage.

Skincare storage to enhance shelf-life

This brings us to the all important notion of proper skincare storage to best enhance the shelf life of your products. If you want to prolong the efficacy of your skincare and it's shelf life - what better than your own mini refrigeration unit dedicated to your beauty and skincare essentials by The Beauty Fridge. 

More information about storage and benefits can be found via our Blog post. Cold skincare has had its deep roots in Korean and Japanese skincare routines for centuries.

The Beauty Fridge presents a plethora of benefits. A colder environment can not only prolong the shelf life of your precious products, it may also help to aid in better absorption, all whilst calming and soothing the skin.

Our fridges are not only functional but super cute in White, Blush and Pink!

Above all else, what beats the feeling of ice cold products on your skin. So refreshing and an instant wake-me-up. Bye-bye puffy eyes!

beauty fridge with fuishena skincare

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