The Perfect Christmas gift for skincare lover (and how to win it!)

The perfect Christmas gift for skincare lover (and how to win it!)

If you’re buying for a skincare enthusiast this festive season, chances are you’re stumped on Christmas gift ideas. This is the person who’s on top of all the latest trends, has every sheet mask, jade roller, essence and serum tried and tested, and wouldn’t dream of ending the day without a double cleanse. For this person, any old moisturiser just won’t cut it – discover our guide to the skincare gifts that will excite (and get the seal of approval from) any skincare lover this Christmas.

A Face Oil

Not only does a good face oil have a luxurious, pampering feel when applied to the skin but it also hydrates, smooths and softens skin – not to mention give you that coveted glow that no makeup product could possibly achieve. Look for natural, plant-based oils that will look after your skin, rather than synthetic, mineral-based oils that clog the pores.

A Face Mist

Not just another fad or excuse to beautify your Instagram feed, a face mist is a must-have in every skincare aficionado’s collection (and chances are they’ll welcome having more than one). Facial mists are hydrating, refreshing (great for when you need a little pick-me-up) and prime the face for the next step in the skincare routine.

We love the Rosewater Balancing Mist from all natural skincare brand Jurlique – its formula includes an extract from the super-hydrating, specially-grown Jurlique Rose and has an uplifting scent like no other (it’s also reached icon status in the beauty world, making it a great gift).

A Face Mask

Masking is having a bit of a moment in skincare (in fact, it’s been having a moment for the past few years). Whether it comes in the form of gel, cream, clay, charcoal, sheet or one you wear overnight, a face mask makes a great gift for any beauty buff. Highly concentrated and formulated to treat certain skin conditions, they also give skin visible results (plus, they’re probably the number one must-have in any good DIY pamper session).

A Serum

Any self-confessed skincare lover worth their salt will tell you that a face serum is high on their list of must-haves. They’re packed with potent ingredients, target specific skincare concerns and boost complexions unlike anything else in the skincare line-up. Made using that same exclusive Jurlique Rose, the Rare Rose Serum provides long-lasting hydration throughout the day and gives skin a dewy glow (apply the Rare Rose Lotion afterwards for even more hydration - and radiance).

A Beauty Fridge

Of course, no beauty gift guide is complete without The Beauty Fridge. Every skincare lover needs a dedicated space to stash their favourite products and keeping them in a colder environment prolongs their shelf life and allows for deeper skin penetration to calm and soothe inflamed skin conditions (and in White, Blush, Berry and Aqua, there’s a shade to suit every style!).

This season, we’re giving one of our lucky Instagram followers the chance to win a Beauty Fridge and the Jurlique products mentioned in this blog post (we can feel that refreshing chilled face mist already).

To win, head on over to our Instagram page to find out more!

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