The Beauty Fridge



Get the ultimate #tbfglow with a relaxing and cooling facial massage experience using The Beauty Fridge's Beauty Globes, our NEWEST facial tool addition to the TBF range! 

The Beauty Globes are glass orbs that has been especially designed to be stored in The Beauty Fridge so that they are nice and cold on your face.

Use The Beauty Globes with serums on your skin, assisting in the absorption of key active ingredients from your skincare routine and promoting lymphatic drainageThe cooling effect of the globes will help combat puffiness, wake up tired eyes & help promote circulation for a brighter complexion, aiding to help to shrink pores, heal and renew skin.

  • Calms: Helps to calm irritation and redness, reducing pigmentation revealing a more even skin tone 
  • Firming: Helps to reduce fine lines, tighten and plump the skin to bring back your natural glow
  • Soothes: Helps soothe sinus pain, while providing a natural muscle tension and headache relief
  • Rejuvenates: Lymphatic drainage by stimulating blood circulation and oxygenating the skin, speeding up the removal of toxins and waste to brighten your complexion 
  • Evens skin tone and reduces dark spots and pigmentation
  • Reduces fine lines and tightens and plumps the skin
  • Eliminates redness and shrink pores
  • Removes under-eye darkness and puffiness
  • Stimulates Circulation and oxygenates the skin
  • Brightens the complexion and accelerates product absorption
  • Soothes muscle tension, headaches and provides sinus relief


Lifting Massage:

Use the lifting facial massage to stimulate blood circulation, oxygenate the skin and boost skin elasticity. 

  1. Roll the globes in an upwards and outwards motion along your jawline, cheekbones and forehead starting from the middle of the face. This will help stimulate blood circulation and oxygenate the skin.


Lymphatic Massage:

Use the lymphatic facial massage to stimulate nerves, relieve tension, reduce future breakouts and release toxins.

  1. Roll the globes in a slow gentle movement down the face, along the forehead, sides of the face and down the neck. This will help ease tension, stimulate nerves and release toxins. 
  2. Take time to pause on the eye area and in areas with more inflammation or breakouts, allowing them to cool and calm any redness.

The Beauty Globes can also be used to massage the neck, shoulders, back and any other area of the body that are in need of TLC. Repeat each movement 3-5 times and can be used daily to boost your skincare routine. After you’re finished your skincare routine, clean the globes with soapy water or rubbing alcohol.

The Beauty Globes are designed with artisanal glass containing cold liquid and nestled in a specially curated box for storage. Ensure to not drop the globes - even from the smallest height!

For a maximum cooling experience, store The Beauty Globes inside The Beauty Fridge or a refrigerator the night before use.

It is not recommended that The Beauty Globes to be stored in the freezer. 

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