At The Beauty Fridge HQ, we’ve most definitely seen a shift in our self care routines and mental health as we all navigate our new norm of working from home. 2020 has certainly been a challenging one, but that’s not to say we can’t all get through the other end with self care, mindfulness and a little bit of #tbflove.

When working from home, it’s so easy to blur the lines between personal and professional time. The days merge into one another, and before you know your hair has been in the same bun for 5 days and you’re still rocking those grey sweats from Monday! It’s easy to let self care and mindfulness slip between the cracks, and just like anything else, getting back on track may be harder than we think! We’ve asked our TBF babes what they think have been their best tips and tricks for self care whilst WFH - we came up with our list of self care must-do’s!

  1. Setting boundaries between work and personal time: have a planned schedule of what your day will consist of, cross these off as you go, and stop means stop!
  2. Have a morning routine: skincare? Iced coffee? Walk around the block with your fur-baby? Comment on this blog post and tell us how you start your morning routine!
  3. Load up on the beauty sleep: the best part of working from home, no commute = more sleep!
  4. Try to fit in a workout: working from home means easy access to gymo outfits + your shower all in the span of your lunch break, yes no excuses!
  5. Make a to do list: because what’s more satisfying than ticking off items on a to-do list to make you feel productive?
  6. Carve out a designated workspace: a cluttered work area = cluttered mind, organise your work space to maximize your productivity
  7. Remember to take breaks: just because you're working from home doesn’t mean you can’t take breaks, breaks are super important to reset and refresh
  8. Stay hydrated: remember those 2 litres!
  9. Fit in a mask session: a chilled face mask straight out of The Beauty Fridge on your break? What an absolute treat
  10. De-stress with a face massage: Grab your icy cold jade roller straight out of your fridge for the ultimate spa treatment at home

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