Who ever said having a fridge just for your beauty items was extra? Not us. 

Founded in Melbourne, Australia in 2018, The Beauty Fridge was an idea born out of a fleeting conversation between 2 colleagues about the trend of putting skincare in your kitchen refrigerator for it's soothing and calming properties. This sparked the idea of creating a small fridge dedicated to all things beauty and skincare.
Our mission was to provide beauty lovers alike a stylish and effortless solution that fit seamlessly into their beauty regime. The Beauty Fridge lets you conveniently store all your skincare favourites in one cute and compact space!

Today, we are building a feel-good brand with products to elevate one's beauty and self-care process. We believe that taking the time to create a beautifully organised skincare space is an important part of self-care, making it that little bit more special.

We are so excited to be the pioneers of this revolutionary movement in the skincare realm and hope our shelfies also inspire your own skincare journey!

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Founders of The Beauty Fridge